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Anekal Taluka to Kempegowda International Airport (KIAL)

(Distance between Anekal Taluka to International Airport; City-route Approx - 78 to 82 km, & Outer Ring Road route - Approx 90 to 115 Km) )
Book an airport taxi from Anekal Taluka to Bangalore international airport (BIAL). We provide Airport taxi for hassle-free travel with the best fare compared to Other Cab service providers. Check out our best, transparent fixed price chart with no extra charges.

Fixed Price - City-Route

Hatch Back:

1400/- to 1700/-


1500/- to 1800/-


3000/- to 3500/-

T Traveller:

3500/- to 4000/-

Areas in Anekal Taluka

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Book a Cab with one among the best cab service provider. Bengaluru Cabs is the one of the competent name in the Bengaluru International Airport taxi Service agencies in the City. We offer 24/7 Airport Taxi service from Anekal Taluka to Bangalore Airport.

Highlights in Anekal Taluka

Vidhatha Global High School, Anekal; Prarthan Computech "Computer Training Center" Anekal; ASB Government High School, Anekal; Royal English High School, Indalvadi Cross, Anekal Taluk; Sri Sairam College of Engineering; Shirdi Sai Pre-University College; T.M.C Computer Education(R), Anekal; Shirdi Sai Nautical Science Academy; Urdu Higher Primary School Anekal; Regional Theology Extension Center, Jnanajyothi; Swamy vivekananda (pre-university college); Alliance University; Lincoln Memorial English School (English-language medium school); St. Joseph High School; St. Joseph's Pre-University College(Anekal) Attibele Road; Softech Online Computer Education, Anekal; Sri Saraswathi Vidyaniketana, Dommasandra; Sri Saraswathi Vidyaniketana Independent PU College, Dommasandra; Anekal Public School, Anekal; Saraswathi Vidya Mandira, Anekal; Vishwa Chethana PU College; Vishwa Chethana Degree College; New Baldwin International Residential School, Anekal; M.TRESS PRIMARY AND HIGH SCHOOL, marsur gate anekal-chandapura mainroad, Anekal; Padmashree Computers (Aadhaar and Ratio Card); Kaushlya Training Center(Skill Development Center); Bharathi High School (This is the first girls' high school established in Anekal); DMM High School; Government Pre University College Dommasandra college; SIR M V COMPUTER LITERACY, Dommasandra; Shine Systems Laptop and Desktop Sales And Service(Chandapura); Omsai Enterprises, Hosur Main Road, Anekal; National Public School; Sri Aravinda High School, Anekal.

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It can be Airport Pick-up or Drop, get our cabs at the best fare price from KSTDC Airport Taxi, a hassle-free Cab service for Airport Transfers from anywhere in Anekal to Kempegowda International Airport.

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